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    • 1 Full Lesson (50-55 minutes) - $100
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    • 10 Lessons - $900

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My number one goal with every student is to give them the confidence and skills they need to do what they want to do with music. From just wanting to sing better in the shower, to wanting to sing for a career, my mission is to change voices the way mine was changed by a vocal coach. 


Do I need to be a good singer?

- Absolutely not. First of all, a lot of times I'm told that by a student, it turns out they are a LOT better than they think they are. But for my students who come into it completely new to this voice lesson thing, my goal is to find their voice.. To give them confidence they never had. 


Do you work with song writers?

- Sure do! MY lessons are completely catered around the student. A lot of times they are inspiring song writers, who come to me wanting to improve on that. Because of my song writing back ground, I offer a lot of advice and tips on this. I even have some students where this is all we work on. 



What's the difference between Full & Half?

- Full lessons are the ideal time length to get the most accomplished.  A half lesson is still great quality, but limits the amount of feedback due to time.

How do lessons over Skype work?

- Easy! You just need a computer or iPad, Camera, and Solid internet connection. You can download Skype for free. Make a username and you are good to go! 


Do I need to have a Skype? 

- Yes! Lessons can only be done over Skype. Can't do FaceTime because that requires using my personal phone # which for obvious reasons.. I can't give out. : )


How often will lessons be given? 

- The goal is once a week. However, I'm one guy with a lot of students and a lot of other things going on with Anthem Lights. So that will probably not always happen. Just know whatever lessons you have purchased WILL get used. 

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Full Lessons: 50-55 min

Half Lessons: 30 min

In-Studio Lessons Available!