How I Prepare to Sing

The Ugly Truth

I'm shocked at how often I come across vocalists that don't warm up before they sing.  Usually their reason is something like, "Because It's in the evening and I've been talking all day."  UGHHHHHH.  If you went to the gym to lift weights at night, would you just walk in, grab the heaviest weight you can lift and go to town??  I really hope not!!!  Hopefully you would spend 5-10 minutes stretching and starting with a light weight before you got to your max.  If you don't, your chances of injury GREATLY increases and you most likely won't be able to lift as much weight as you could if you stretched properly first. 

Singing V. Speaking

Why am I talking about weight lifting??  Because it works the same way as your voice. You must treat it the same way.  You must properly stretch out your voice and get it warm before jumping right into your performance.  No matter how "Warmed up" you already feel because you have been up for hours and talking all day. NOT the same thing.  Your cords are used very differently in most of your singing voice as your speaking voice. 

Strange Noises

Now I'm not gonna list the things I do right here to warm up before a show or studio… Mostly because it wouldn't make any sense written down… But if you walked past the door of me and the guys getting ready for a show. You'd probably hear some pretty strange noises coming from there… But its all for the good. It's all designed to slowly warm us up to our vocal peak. The best advice I can give on what you warm up to, is to NOT push it! If you feel like you are pushing too hard it's NOT a good warmup! The point of a warm up is to slowly get your voice ready to perform. 

Book a lesson with me today and I'll be able to show you first hand what I use to warm up and show you what would work best for you!